The Glen Ellyn-Wheaton Chorale

. . . bringing harmony to the community

“Dream of Flight,” our concert theme, was inspired by Christopher Tin’s gloriously exciting “Sogno di Volare,” a setting of thoughts by Leonardo da Vinci on the subject of human flight.

What is it about flying that captures our imagination?

Isak Dinesen, the Danish author, remembered her many flights over Africa as “the most transporting pleasure of my life.” She wrote, “Every time I have gone up in an aeroplane . . . I have had the consciousness of a great new discovery. ‘I see,’ I have thought, ‘This was the idea. And now I understand everything.’”

Flying shows us something about the world as well as something about ourselves. And so does music.

Our concert offers “transporting pleasures,” panoramic views, high aspirations, and maybe a few goosebumps. We are delighted to present works by award-winning composers Christopher Tin, Elaine Hagenberg, Ola Gjeilo, Susan Brumfield, and Kim André Arnesen, plus some of our favorite gospel, pop, and blues songs.

Filmmaker Evelyne Faye wrote, “I wish for you—as I wish for everyone—to be seen as a universe with infinite possibilities.” This is our wish, too.

What is your own “Dream of Flight”?

Jennifer Whiting
Music Director, Glen Ellyn-Wheaton Chorale