The Glen Ellyn-Wheaton Chorale

. . . bringing harmony to the community

It's always a great moment. I'm talking about the moment two or three weeks from a concert when we start to bring all the forces together. It began last night at our rehearsal, and will pick up even more steam next week. At our rehearsal last night, our very capable pianist was joined by another set of hands. This extra set of ten fingers will handle pipe organ duties, and will also combine her talents with those of our regular pianist in a four-hand accompaniment for Deck the Hall.

And then there's next week—concert week! The Chorale will be joined by an ensemble of string instruments, and the magic of Stephen Paulus' Christmas Tidings will take on a new luster. And the glory of Mozart's Gloria will be even more glorious!

Aren't you glad that music-making isn't a solo venture?

Greg Wheatley
Music Director, Glen Ellyn-Wheaton Chorale