The Glen Ellyn-Wheaton Chorale

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Historical Samples

Over the first three decades, the Glen Ellyn-Wheaton Chorale has performed, practiced, and participated at numerous venues. Here is a glimpse of just a few of those years and events.

Thursday, 06 October 2022
Historic Home for Chorale Rehearsals
1989: Director Vince Rock at Ensemble Rehearsal
1989: Pheasant Run with Kenny Rogers
1990: Glen Ellyn Christmas Walk
1990: Lake Ellyn Fourth of July Concert, Vince Rock, Director
Borders Book Store: Occasional Ensemble Performances
1992: Christmas Concert, First Congregational Church
1993: Spring Concert, Women's Ensemble
First Congregational Church in Glen Ellyn, a Concert Venue
1994: Barnes and Noble Ensemble Performance
1994: Spring Concert, First Assembly of God Church
Blanchard Road Alliance Church, Wheaton: A Concert Venue
1994: Glen Ellyn Fourth of July Parade
Windsor Park, a Frequent Concert Venue
1997: Spring Concert
Glen Ellyn Public Library, a Concert Venue
1999: Brighton Gardens
Grace Lutheran Church, Glen Ellyn, a Concert Venue
2001: Kane County Cougars National Anthem
Marionjoy Rehabilitation Hospital, Wheaton, a Concert Venue
2002: WTTW Fundraiser
2006: Summer Concert at Cantigny Gardens
2006: Summer Cantigny Ensemble
Wheaton Evangelical Free Church, a Concert Venue
2007: Home for Christmas Concert, Wheaton Academy, Director Greg Wheatley
Area Retirement Centers: Frequent Concert Venues for Ensemble
College Church, Wheaton, the Current Concert and Rehearsal Venue
2010: Christmas Concert, College Church, Director Greg Wheatley
2011: Special Olympics Benefit Concert